Services and Collabortations
All services provided by the Stem Cell Research Facility must be requested through the director, Ting Zhou. Due to the long-lasting nature of the services, projects may take between two to sixth months to complete. We ask that any cell culture brought to the facility be mycoplasma-free.
Any collaborations you wish to associate with the Stem Cell Research Facility can be discussed with the facility's director.
All instruments listed within our site are open to research within MSKCC. The user will receive training on how to operate the machine prior to their first use. However due to the limited space, personnel and time of operation, any training or usage of the equipment must be scheduled through facility's director.
Cell Line Transfer and Banking
Prior to the delivery of cell line(s) we make available (listed within our site), we ask that you obtain the MOU-SLA and/or MTA from the original owner of said cell line. If the cell line developed originated from the Stem Cell Research Facility we ask that a MOU-SLA and/or MTA be created prior to your use of the cell line in any research.
You are welcome to share important cell lines you wish to expand and/or store at the Stem Cell Research Facility, however cell lines must be verified through publication an due to the limited storage space, you must inquire with the director.
All the protocols provided are up-to-date and work in well in the hands of the Stem Cell Research Facility. We hope to share our methods to support investigators in the field of stem cell research. However, we ask that if you wish to republish these documents, that you please contact us first for consent.
Publications and presentations that utilized any of the services, instruments or cell lines provided by the Stem Cell Research Facility are required to acknowledge said fact. An example of acknowledgement: "We are thankful for the members of the SKI Stem Cell Research Facility."
Ting Zhou - Director
SKI Stem Cell Research Facility
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
430 East 67th Street
New York, NY 10065